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Streamline Corporate Training Materials with agOnline

Streamline Corporate Training With agOnline

At AlphaGraphics, we’re always looking to make our printing and marketing services more convenient for our customers. We know that a business leader’s most valuable resource is time—and that’s why we’ve introduced agOnline: our automated, cloud-based ordering system. With agOnline, printing your corporate training materials just got a whole lot easier! First and foremost, agOnline is a quick and convenient way to order the materials you need to run your business in a day-to-day capacity, But, did you know that it’s also an ideal way to simplify training for every employee coming on board? That’s right: we can help you get the corporate training materials you need to facilitate a streamlined onboarding process.

How agOnline Works for Your Business

The agOnline process is as streamlined as it gets. With just a set of login credentials and a specially designed digital storefront, you’ll have access to a full catalog of materials for order and re-order. Here’s how it works:
  • You submit your order or online list of materials
  • We receive the order in real time and process it
  • The customized materials are delivered directly to you!
This is ideal for companies with universal training documents that need to frequently be reordered. agOnline makes this incredibly simple with one-click, on-demand ordering. Let’s take the example of a legal services firm. They’re going to need a bevy of materials for training, such as courtroom displays, contracts, briefs and filing documents. They can quickly and efficiently order these documents whenever they need them. Their unique catalog is always available to them, making ordering new materials a breeze. Time is essential to these professionals. They want to get their materials as quickly as possible so that they can start real-world training with new hires. agOnline is the best solution for them.

Creating Materials to Fit the Needs of Your Business

agOnline is equally valuable for businesses with unique needs. We offer variable data printing capabilities, which allows you to print personalized corporate training materials for a specific employee. As soon as an employee begins working with your company, you’ll have professionally branded materials in their hands that will give new hires an immediate sense of belonging within the company. We allow for a wide range of materials to be cataloged and ordered based on your specific requirements. agOnline stores everything you’ve ordered in the past in a secure environment—all you have to do is select the quantity you want and make any changes you deem necessary. The order is either sent to your address or stored in a warehouse depending on your preference. No matter what types of training materials you need or what variable data documents you might require, know that they’re always available at a low price and can be sent directly to you. agOnline was designed with the busy professional in mind. We wanted to create a hassle-free way to send high-quality, customizable materials to all of our customers. Check out how agOnline can help your business streamline training today! Your local AlphaGraphics print shop will be glad to help you set up your portal, stock it with the necessities and introduce you to the world of cloud-based ordering, so you can focus your attention on more important things: like training your new hires!

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