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Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

With all of the hype around digital marketing, take a minute to be aware of these common SEO blunders.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool that brands and businesses use to build up their online presence and enhance their rapport with existing and prospective consumers. While many business operators are familiar with the basic concepts surrounding SEO, few understand all of the intricacies associated with proper online content marketing.

Taking THE Right First Step

Developing a working SEO strategy is a key component of any modern-day marketing effort. Because search engine algorithms and social media technology advance at a rapid pace, however, it can be challenging to build and implement a strategy that utilizes the latest and most up-to-date best practices. Your best option for a successful SEO campaign and more effective digital marketing is to stay up-to-date with best practices and avoid making mistakes that could end up costing you.

Pay Attention to These Key SEO Elements

It’s not too difficult to find helpful tips and hints that you can use to make sure your SEO strategy is a success. Even more important, is knowing what to avoid. Here are just some of the most common SEO mistakes to steer clear of in 2018:
  • Using bad keywords: Keywords allow you to optimize your online content so it’s more easily identified by search engines. Keywords also help you keep your brand messaging consistent and locally oriented. Unfortunately, choosing and using good keywords is exceptionally challenging. You should consult with an SEO expert to learn more about keyword creation and selection.
  • Keyword stuffing: Once you have a great set of keywords, it can be tempting to use them as much as possible. This practice, known as keyword stuffing, was in vogue in the early days of SEO marketing. Search engines quickly caught onto this practice, however, and began flagging content that features an inordinate number of keywords. Use your keywords sparingly and only when it makes sense to do so.
  • Duplicating content: Readers and search engines alike want to see interesting and unique content. Duplicating blog posts, whether it be from your own site or from other players within your industry, is likely to result in lower search engine rankings and less overall engagement. You should always strive to create new and engaging content, even if that means simply putting your own spin on widely available knowledge.
  • Not paying attention to analytics: There are tons of tools digital marketing professionals can use to analyze and monitor the success and progress of their content marketing campaigns. Keeping track of your SEO campaign can help you determine which types of content to emphasize or avoid moving forward. This will help you provide the types of content your audience wants to see on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Publishing irrelevant content: You should never craft and post content just for the sake of posting content. All of your posts should contain valuable, relevant information that can be easily related to your company’s brand, product or services. Additionally, you should exclusively post content that demonstrates your industry expertise, but that is also not overly sales-oriented. Your posts should look like informative articles, rather than product descriptions.

A Solid SEO Strategy Pays Off

When brands and small businesses implement a workable, well-planned SEO strategy, they can substantially increase their online engagement with their targeted audiences and connect with their current and prospective clients and customers in previously unprecedented ways. Avoiding common SEO mistakes will allow you to make the most of your advertising dollars and talent, and connect with the broadest possible audience. AlphaGraphics can get you noticed with our custom printing services, marketing services, and custom sign services. Find custom printing services near you!

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